Venue Guidelines & Contract

Please download the PDF of our contract at the bottom of this page, fill it in, and bring it with you on your first day.  Please do NOT assume you have a rental slot with us unless you have heard back directly from us.  Again, our email is

Rentals:  The Nine Hostage Arts studio space is intended for movement-based work such as theater, dance or movement rehearsals, classes, and workshops, as well as music rehearsals and recording. Nine Hostage Arts provides the large rehearsal room, a bathroom and a small greenroom.  Nine Hostage Arts is NOT a performance venue, and no public or invited performances may be held on the premises.

Payment:  Renters will pay at or before the time of each rental period. For extended rehearsal periods, a deposit of 10% of the total rehearsal span will be left at the beginning of the rehearsal; that deposit can be used to cover the final rehearsal dates. Rent checks may be left in the mailbox in the greenroom, or delivered to a designated Nine Hostage Arts employee. Renters must pay for all studio space at or before the time it is used. All rent checks must be written to Nine Hostage Arts.

Cancelations:   Space may be cancelled via text, phone or email with TWO WEEKS notice. With less than two weeks notice, Renter will pay full rental rate for the cancelled studio time.

Smoking/Incense/Flames:  No smoking anywhere inside the building. There is a public park on the corner of Brandywine and 34th that makes a great smoking terrace; please be kind and clean up any butts left behind there. No incense or open flames of any sort are permitted inside the venue.

Sound:  A basic sound system will be in place for use in rehearsals, with an 1/8” jack for plugging in computers/ipods/etc. There is also a Boombox with a CD and cassette deck if needed.

WiFi:   Nine Hostage Arts provides free WiFi to renters. Nine Hostage Arts is NOT available to troubleshoot any problems renters have with this free service, though, of course, if you let us know something is wrong, we will endeavor to repair it when possible.

Kitchen:  There is a refrigerator and coffee maker available to renters. Please do not leave food behind (milk/cream for coffee is fine), nor take any food that does not belong to you. PLEASE TURN OFF THE COFFEE MAKER WHEN YOU LEAVE.

Storage:  Long term renters may store props on the white shelves provided given space available; please remember that, as a casual renter, other renters are also using the space, and take that under advisement when leaving fragile or valuable objects behind.

Keys:  Renters agree not to inform any person of the code for the front door key lock box. The combination will be changed at Nine Hostage Arts’ discretion, based on any security situation that may arise. In the event of a change, renters will be informed of the new lock box combo.

Security:  Each renter assumes responsibility for the security of the space during each rental period. Renters are advised to keep the street door locked during their rehearsal or class, and return the space to a secure state upon leaving by locking the street door. Please do NOT have performers or guests ring the bell or knock on the door at 3416 Brandywine; this will disturb the dog who lives upstairs, as well as the child…

Bicycles:  Nine Hostage Arts has yet to install a bike rack. Feel free to store your bicycles in the hallway or greenroom; please be aware that bicycle thieves do frequent the block, and have stolen unlocked wheels, should you choose to lock outside, do so carefully. Please do NOT lock in such a manner as to block the driveway. Nine Hostage Arts assumes no responsibility for any stolen bicycles, tho we will join you in cursing the names, children, and descendants of any and all bike thieves for all eternity.

Emergencies:   For any urgent issue that might compromise the structure or safety of the studio or the building, please call the one of the Nine Hostage Arts owners.  For accidents, health crises, criminal activities, or fire, call 911. Please also keep a careful record of any incidents that may occur, should we need to involve our insurance company. There is a Fire House one block north on Haverford, should an EMT be needed; however, do not use this in lieu of calling 911!

Damage:  Each renter will assume full responsibility for any damage caused to any part of the entryway, studio, green room bathroom, stereo equipment, floors, walls, ceilings, etc. sustained during the renter’s scheduled studio time. Each renter agrees to pay in full for repair or replacement of any item or structure damaged by the renters or by performers, collaborators, or guests invited to Nine Hostage Arts by the renter. Full payment for damage will be made within one month of the damage.

Liability:  Each renter assumes liability for injury any persons they invite to the space, including but not limited to: injury to students in the renter’s class or injury to performers or collaborators in rehearsal.

Housekeeping:  Each renter assumes responsibility for returning the studio to a good state before they leave. All lights, heaters, and electrical equipment must be turned off. Trash and litter must be removed to the hallway garbage can. Please sweep if necessary, and leave the studio in wonderful condition for the next renter. Nine Hostage Arts does a deeper cleaning once a week, and trash is removed on Sundays; if you are filling trash containers, please just let us know and we’ll take care of it sooner.  And, of course, let us know if you’re running shy of any essentials (TP, soap, etc.)

Climate:  Heating is provided via electric baseboard heat, space heater(s), and the vents on the North wall of the space. Cooling is centrally controlled, and also comes through those North vents. If, during air conditioning weather, the space is too cool, please close the vents; if too warm, feel free to notify the management via text message, and we can change the thermostat (even remotely! Modern life, huh?)

Parking:  Street parking is available in the neighborhood; please do advise all of your performers and guests that the PPA maintains an active presence on Brandywine Street, and the two hour limit is strongly enforced as posted. FYI – Parking is unrestricted along 35th Street, as well as on Brandywine and Spring Garden between 35th and 36th.

Contracts:  Renters will download and sign this contract before using the Nine Hostage Arts space.

Future Policy Changes:  Nine Hostage Arts LLC reserves the right to change the above rental policies at any time to reflect the needs and concerns of the studio, community, and resident companies. Renters will be informed of changes to rental policies.

9Hostage Arts Rehearsal Contract WEBv2